If your blog or website is not getting quality backlinks from Wikipedia, you are some steps away from harnessing the power of effortless traffics.

While researching on a very simple but effective way to get quality and stable backlinks to websites and blogs. There are a few things I found and another great discovery.

I found out that images can be used to rank even google and also get strong backlinks to my website.

Below is how I did it.

 Step 1  Upload the image you want to use on Wikipedia as bait for backlinks. Upload it on your website.  This must be your own image created and taken by you. Not an image lifted from google. Else it won’t be accepted.

Step2 Secondly, go to google and search for Wikimedia commons. Take the link and register.

Step3 After the registration, you will find on the top right where you click on the word upload.

Step4 You will see a page with the title “ what can I upload to Wikimedia common”. scroll down and click on next.

Step5 Upload that same image you uploaded on your website and click on continue.

Step6 Below it, you will find two options, select this file is not my own work.

Step7 Below a URL box will appear. Put in the URL link of your blog post in which you want backlink.

Then submit. Congratulations. You are done and get ready to receive backlinks.

If you find this difficult or you encounter any challenge in implementing this.  just indicate in the comment box. Thanks.


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