“This 7 Principles of getting rich made me what I am. I was motherless and homeless but today I am a successful Billionaire Christian Gambler”. Above are the words of Christopher Mitchell and below is the extract from his lesson.


The first proven biblical principle that will get you to the top and am going to be sharing here is “Live on a Budget”. I am not saying you should live like a popper but this is what I am saying and This principle is fully backed in the bible and am going to be showing you as we look the scripture of Luke 14:28. Which says “suppose you want to build a Tower, won’t you first sit down and estimate If you have enough to complete it.  What this means is that you shouldn’t spend money that you don’t have. Stop buying things that you don’t have because others are buying even when you are dead broke.  When you look deep into those scriptures you will know that the reason you are dead broke is because of the choices you have made in the past.

The second principle is actually huge but I think you would want to hear this.


You cannot get rich; you cannot get peace or get a life of serenity if you are in debt. Now

I will also show the biblical principle that says you should get out of debt. In the scripture  Proverbs, 22:7 which reads “ the rich rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender”  for those of you who have a mortgage payment, car payments, credit card payment,  student payment, you guys know you living in slavery and bondage.

You wake up early in the morning for that penny paying job and gets home late at night, you don’t even get the time for your family and you have a huge debt. If you have debt, you know the burden this is on you and your family. Folks you can’t get it if you are a debtor because even the bible made this clear that a borrower is a slave to a lender.

ASSOCIATE WITH WEALTHY PEOPLE                                                                                                                    

let me tell you this, friends, there are some laws of the universe that God has placed and these works whether you are a Christian or not. The law of association states that whoever you associate with is who you going to become.

Drug addicts associate with drug addicts, Athletes associates with athletes and millionaires and billionaires associates with other millionaires and billionaires. That’s how the law works.

You associate with people that you have something in common with, people that think the same way you do and want to talk about the same thing you do.  So if you want to get rich, you need to associate with other wealthy people.  

Let me show you the scripture in 1 Cor 15: 33 which says “ Do not be misled, bad company corrupts good character” This is really a fact that those who we associate with affects us deeply and sometimes we keep associating with our family members who are broke, disgusted and can’t be trusted.   

So if you want to become financially free, you will have to associate with those who are financially free and then they can teach you how to become financially free. All still in the 7 Principles of getting rich.


I am not talking about putting money in your bank account and growing it in figures as some do. No! That’s not what this is about. Rather am talking about investing the money to make it grow.

In the scripture Proverbs 21:20 “The wise; which is another word for rich people, store up choice food but the fool which is another word for poor people gob theirs down”.

Friend, if you spend your money buying things which 98% of the world does then how are you going to get rich? How are you going to invest and make it grow? So this principle encourages you to save your money, find a good investment, make the money grow and when it yields profit, reinvest it.

This is how the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. It is just like getting an apple seed and you plant and water it and is going to grow. As it grows into trees it keeps multiplying and you keep replanting. Even if you dont have any knowledge about this.

Friends, money works the same way. The more you replant and the more It grows and it will multiply into millions and billions. This is what the rich do that poor people don’t do as they also practice this 7 Principles of getting rich. 


This is a principle that you cannot fail to do practice on a daily basis as it is one of the 7 Principles of getting rich from the bible. See, wealthy people are Generous but poor and stingy people are not and that’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer because if you constantly give generously it’s going to come back to you multiplied. It is the law of sowing and reaping. Let me show you in the bible where it says in the bible to be generous. In the scripture 2 Cor 9:11. I personalize this every time and it goes this way “I have been made rich in every way so that I can be generous in every occasion and through me, my generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. God is going to bless people who he knows will be generous with it. Some people are not blessed because they are not generous. You may not be as rich as you want but there are those who have not gotten what you have. The charity homes and the less privileged. When you give your money to these homeless people am telling you, it’s going to come back in a hundred folds.


You cannot get rich when you are on that job working for someone else. You must work for yourself and BE YOUR OWN BOSS, why? because you going to pay yourself more amount of money.  98% of the world keeps working for someone else. Let me show you how the employer and employee relationship works. see this Guide to starting your own business

The employer says “I am going to pay my employees the least amount of money just to keep them working for me” and the employee would say “I am going to give in my best to make sure my boss doesn’t fire me”.  It is a relationship kind of like “I will pretend to pay you if you pretend to work for me.

Folks,  when you work for yourself, when you become an entrepreneur you can pay yourself any amount of money you want to because you are in charge of your financial future. Lets see this amazing verse, Deuteronomy 8:18. ” I remember the Lord my God for it is he who gave me the ability to create wealth”. So if you are in debt, financial pressure, you don’t have to blame your parents, your spouse but yourself because God has given you the authority already.


This principle is coming last because it’s a heavy one. Some people do not pay their tithe and they are disobeying God’s word. I am trying to be real here, especially someone from my background going homeless many times and finally becoming rich you should know how these principles have helped me.

If the bible says bring your tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house and not just that but he will open the windows of heaven to pour down blessing, Malachi 3:10. This scripture is really a challenge to everyone who cares to pick it up. God is willing to bless according to his word.  You Can watch the full video here. See the Benefits of tithing.

The above 7 Principles of getting rich helped me move from motherless, homeless into becoming a Christian Billionaire and it is capable of making anyone who follows these principles too.

Principles of getting Rich

My very biblical principles on how I got rich

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