Have you heard of the Ahrefs explorer SEO tool? If YES, it a good thing that you know, if NO, then this article is for you more. I will be walking you through about the Ahrefs tool, what it does, and everything about it and how you can use it.

Let dive right in…


Ahrefs is an Online SEO tool and also a tool for backlinks research. At the moment, Ahrefs stands to be one of the best online SEO tools, it also provides similar services but has its own great features, I will talk about that later in this topic.

With the Ahrefs site explorer you can easily analyze your site or your competitor site backlinks and profile backlinks, and it also shows you what keyword they are ranking for, which site and how many sites are linking to them.

With the help of this tool, you can easily do keyword researches and keywords that you can rank easily. Let talk about what this you can use this tool for.

What Are Ahrefs Features?

Ahrefs has so many features you can think of, with Ahrefs site explorer there are a lot of things you can do with the tool, things like,

  • Content explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Checker

and many more. I will take my time to explain each feature and explain them one by one and what they are used for and how they can be used.

Ahrefs Explorer

Ahrefs Content explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer is a tool that you can’t do without as a digital and a content marketer. With this tool you will find better chances of writing high-quality content that will outperform your competitor content and rank on search engine results.

That’s just what Ahrefs content explorer will do for you, including helping you to find the top and trending performing content for research.
let me walk you through on how to use this tool. After you might have signed up using the Ahrefs site, you will then hover to content explorer and type in any keyword into the search bar, and the tool will generate the base of the top pages on the keyword and the pages that are ranking for the keyword.

However this tool “Ahrefs” is a tool you should really trust with the information it brings, because Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko crawls the web at a Google scale.

Steps To Do Content Research Using Ahrefs Content Explorer

Here are the few steps which you will take to do proper content research.

  • Research Trending Content

Finding a trending topic to write on is the No.1 thing to do as a content marketer, imagine you writing about a trending topic everyone is search for, the truth be told those kinds of content may be hard to rank on, but it won’t be hard, not when you have this tool to guide you through.

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Below Is How Trend for copyright looks like.

Ahrefs Explorer

The grey bars you see represent content that did not get even one share on social media. Just as you can see the graph, Copywrite content hardly get shared and they hardly get to rank on search engine result, such content does not get any traction.

You can also research trending content by filtering your search result by date, with this way you can see which content was getting traction in the past 24 hours, this is just another way to find fresh and great content.

  • Research Their Linkers

Finding out what keyword your competitors is ranking for is enough but not good enough, you might want to also check out those sites that linked to it.

You might Want to ask why should I do that? well, I will blow your mind.

Just after you have pitched your content, you will have to inform those linkers that you have a greater version of that same topic the linked to, if you have to contact 20 sites chances are that10-15 sites will respond back with good answers and this is how you can get backlinks to your blog.

  • Set Alerts

Setting alert on any search you perform on Ahrefs content explorer will be really helpful, because once you do that the tool will email you anytime it discovers a new content that actually meets your criteria, and with this help you will be able to find a new topic to write on.

Ahrefs Explorer

Keywords Explorer

Keyword research is very effective when it comes to Ahrefs explorer tool, whereas there are other tools that are effective as Ahrefs. This tool “Ahrefs” has really helped a lot of big companies to target longtail keyword that will generate tons of leads to their website through search engine result, the tool is also used for link building.

On how you can easily get started in doing keyword research, the first thing you need is to hover to the keyword explorer, from there you can punch in any keyword you want to target in the search bar…

Just after you had punched in the keyword, and press “Enter” the tool will now do it work by analyzing all the data from the keyword that you have entered, you will get to see the search volume, the clicks, and the keyword difficulty and the keyword. Added to that it also shows you how frequent the keyword is been used and the country where the search volume is high.

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The most interesting part about Ahrefs keyword explorer is that you will get to see more keyword ideas you can use or you can use in when writing an article concerning the topic. Along with that you will get to see links that are ranking for each keyword.
with the keyword, explorer you will get to find the best promoting keyword that will help boost your website traffic and rankings.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

  • What is Rank Tracker??

Rank tracker is one of the Ahrefs explorer tools that will help you boost your search traffic and research about your competitors. I will talk about what you can use the Ahrefs Rank Tracker tool to do, And Also I will reveal some of the features
Let dive right in..

1. Getting ranking update for both devices (Desktop & Mobile)

With Rank Tracker you can monitor your Google ranking on desktop and mobile across many countries by just imputing keywords and adding multiple countries per keyword, after that Ahrefs will start tracking data and the tool will start sending you regular updates.

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2. Visualizing SEO progress

You can track how to track how your effort On SEO is paying off. With ranker Tracker Interactive graphs you can get the history of

  • Seeing the percentage of clicks from organic search traffic
  • Seeing a snapshot of your progress over time
  • Tracking your ranking postpositions #11–50tion via groups (Positions1–3, Positions 4–10.)

3. Viewing Website ranks in SERP features
With ranker tracker, you can get to view your website SERP features

Here are the features:

  • Sitelinks
  •  Top stories
  • Image pack
  •  Thumbnails
  •  Featured snippet

4. Get Insight of tracked keywords

With Rank Tracker, you can find out which website and pages are fighting for the tracked keyword. Rank Tracker will also show you the top 100 search results for your tracked keyword.

Ahrefs Site Audit

Ahrefs site audit is a tool that crawls on all your pages it finds on your website, and after that, it provides the overall SEO health score, detects all SEO issues, and provides solutions on how to fix them.

You can start crawling on your page by verifying your domain and turning on the speed setting.

Meanwhile, I Am going to mention those things that Ahrefs site audit can also help you do.

  • It checks your website for SEO issues
  • it helps to explore your data anyhow you want it
  • It can track your progress
  •  It executes javascript while crawling
  •  It can also help to crawl your mobile website

Backlink Checker

With backlink checker you can:

  •  Monitor the growth of backlink profile
  •  Get a complete target backlink profile
  •  You can see the estimated traffic to each linking page
  •  You can see all the website linking to your target
  •  You can see a complete breakdown of all outbound links


Ahrefs has been on the best SEO tool from day one, it gives you new ideas for link-building and content analysis, and it will help you a lot in your content marketing and building your site to be at the top.

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