This article will teach you 7 BEST Work From Home JOBS that you can explore in this trying times as the world shakes over the pandemic called Coronavirus and Hantavirus. It is important that you secure a more source(s) of earning that’s if you have not being hit by the pandemic or you should have been searching for sources right now as companies are already shutting down. I will be very direct in discussing with you on 7 Best work from home jobs that are available online that can help get you setup online in this period.

There are a few things I would like you to prepare as we venture into this. They are;
1. Your laptop or mobile phone
2. Your internet connection
3. Finally, a prepared mind to succeed. You can also check out these 7 Principles that will help you get to the top

These are my 7 Best work from home Jobs

1. Boom and  Crash  for 5-10 Dollars Daily:

This is the first on my list for 7 BEST Online JOBS

This is called the Crash and Boom Market. It just involves entering the market when it is about to boom (go high) and when it is about to crash (fall). I recently came across a system that helps me make max 10usd daily while am doing other things at home. This is a very simple way of making passive income online. How does this work? In this, all you have to do is to press a button and after a minute you press the button again and you are done. Watch the video below. Click here to register and start trading Boom and Crash.

2. Data Entry Jobs:

By data entry, I mean you can do the following; Typewriting jobs, email submitting jobs, Transcription jobs. This option is very good for someone who has a good knowledge of the computer, internet and can type very efficiently. It will be more rewarding if you can transcribe from English to other languages like French, Spanish etc.

7 best work from home Jobs

This is how you transcribe from home,

There are websites which pays you to do all these jobs right from your room and at your own comfort. All that is needed is that you register with these companies and once you pass their typing test then you are in. It is important to note that you can register with as many companies as possible to ensure more cash for you. Below is the list of websites that offers these opportunities. Please follow each of the links below to register.

3. Freelancing:

Freelancing is a very lucrative way of getting established online from the comfort of your home. I will practically explain to you what this really is as it is one of the 7 Best work from home Jobs. Freelance means taking your skill, goods or services from offline to online and offer it as a service to people who may need them online. Sometimes people think that to make money online via freelancing, one must have a professional skill set. But this is not true. If I tell you that taking a picture of yourself while dancing or even singing can make your tons of money online.

You don’t need a professional skill to make it in freelancing. Ok how about taking jobs offline and giving it out to people who can do these jobs and then you pay them and get your own cut?? hahaha haha this sounds sweet right?? That’s the business of freelancing. You take the job from clients offline and outsource to professionals online then you get your pay. To learn more about freelance business. Below are some of the freelance jobs or services you can offer online and make money.

Article Writing:

this is one niche that pays more as it is very difficult for people to sit down and write. This niche is hot in-demand niche. Marketers, educationists, students, etc. all over the world are searching for professionals who can get their jobs done for them. And the sweetest part is that you quote your price per word.

Graphics Design:

To be a professional graphic designer you really do not need much. All you have to do is take a course on graphic design and offer it online.

Content Promotion:

This is very important if you do not want to do the above two. You can build a large Facebook group of your own or even telegram group in which you can offer to give your clients online services like promote their site, products or even give them Facebook likes in return for a good sum of the cash. I do this regularly and this makes my 7 Best work from home Jobs.


This is one smart way of making it online when you do not want to offer anything or you want to be at ease and still make more money. Let me show you how this works. For example, you can list on your ad that you are graphic designer, when anybody makes an order, then you take it to the real graphic designer to get the job done and still make your money.
There are many things that you can offer online. Click the links below register and see what people are offering online to make money.

4. Survey:

Survey is a way of way completing some simple tasks online in return for rewards. There are websites that offer you the option to answer some questions, review products and give feedback in return for rewards which can either be cash or gift cards. This requires no skill and has nothing to do with your academic qualification as far as you can read and write you can do this

5. Blogging:

This is one of the best amongst all. This is because blogging has a way of developing anybody. For example, it makes you know more, it makes you be up to date in a very particular niche, and it opens you up to research. Etc. Blogging is about writing on things you do, like your career, things you love, things you have passion for. Now, how do you start a blog? How do I blog when I don’t like or have the skills to write? What are the processes am going through in order to become a successful blogger and finally, how do I make money from blogging?? Click here to know more about blogging.

6. Mobile App Tasks:

This is would have been listed under the survey options but I decided to separate this since it is huge. Companies all over the world are becoming innovative. Some want people to use and test their mobile apps and then give me feedback on what you think about them. This is very simple. So what you to do is Just install their app and you are good to get a reward from them. Below

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is very simple but sometimes people mistake this for high sounding skill job. The same way you tell people of how good your Hairstylist is, how good your Barber is and how good the cream you bought is, that’s the same way Affiliate marketing works. The only difference is that you do all that without being paid. Imagine telling people of a particular product and they buy the product and you are being paid?? This is just a very simple way of how it works.

It is important to know that above these 7 best work from home Jobs I listed, the internet is so vast that you can also me innovative and creative for more discoveries online.

I'm a Digital Marketer, with over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing. I Consult and Train on SEO, Digital product production.